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AM Analytic Solutions Ltd. (AMA solutions Ltd.) is a data optimisation consultancy firm. We offer several solutions where we utilise client data and public market information to perform “smart” analytics to identify conclusions, visualisations, and ideas for the client’s business future. In doing so, AMA Solutions can help clients to embark on strategies to achieve their performance and other goals more efficiently and effectively than they could do on their own and equip them to compete with larger players in their industry who have easier access to big data applications and techniques.

If your company currently lacks the in-house expertise to perform such sophisticated analyses and do not have the budgets to work with most of the existing data optimization firms, who focus solely on more lucrative large companies, we welcome you to partner with us as we will personally help you achieve a customised solution for your business. In addition, as a small company, AMA Solutions is more aligned with small and mid-sized companies and funded start-ups than our major competitors, and better positioned to give clients the level of attention they deserve and to relate to their business issues and ideas.

AMA Solutions is different from our competition in several aspects. By catering to  small- to mid-sized companies and start-ups, we offer streamlined results that prevents clients from needing to go to different sources for different jobs to get done. In addition, we avoid the confusion of overlapping work that results from assigning large teams to an individual client. 

Our team has multifaceted skills sets across the finance, engineering and extractive commodities industries which makes us ideally well-suited to tackle your necessary problems and needs. 

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Our motto is to convert complex data, problems and ideas into simple, profitable and viable solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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We convert your worries and problems into profitable solutions using our technical skillset.

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We identify and mitigate against possible risks to give our clients the safest solutions. 

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We work together with our clients on a personal basis to produce customised outcomes.